May 18, 2012

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Artist or Author: Carol Stepanchuk and Charles Wong

Creation Year: 1991

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ISBN: 0-8351-2481-9 Language: English Description: One of the Chinese words that comes to mind when you are watching or participating in Chinese festivals is renao, meaning "noisy, flourishing, lively and animated." It is used to describe the sensational and exciting aspects of celebrations and gatherings- the blazing color, the ear-splitting din, the long-awaited festival foods, the colorful street performances. There isn't any word in the English language that really comes close to the delightful sense of disorder and boisterousness which is a part of Chinese festivals.

Of course, since the Chinese have such a long historical tradition and China is an immense land with tremendous regional diversity as well as over 50 distinct minority ethnic groups, one cannot expect local customs to be exactly the same for each community. Like Fourth of July celebrations in the United States, one only has to travel from town to town to see different sets of parades, festival foods, and pyrotechnic displays. And as we all know, the crowds drawn to the festivities are very diverse, with participants of all ages and from all levels of education and income.

143 pgs

Geographic: Peoples Republic of China

Materials: Paper

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