October 25, 2016

Collection Name: Kite Collection

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Korean shield kite, bangpae yeon. Made in 1890s using handmade paper and bamboo spars. All white with a red and purple circle at the top.

"This group of Korean kites, all over 100 years old, made a circuitous journey into the Drachen collection. The kites were originally bought by or given to Georges LeFevre, French consulate to the Orient in the 1890s. They passed within his family to his great grandchildren, one of whom is Dr. Francoise Forriere, former president of the French kite club, Le Doit Du Vent. Francoise was unsure of what to do with these fragile, airborne time capsules and was encouraged by members of the Zoone Collective to gift them to the Foundation. Ramlel Tien and Christophe Charet helped make the exchange complete at the Art Kite Festival in Detmold, Germany, where the kites were presented for transport home to Seattle." - Scott Skinner

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