May 18, 2012

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection

Collection Number: 2299

Post Type: Book

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Artist or Author: Josep Asuncion

Creation Year: 2001

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ISBN: 1-57990-456-4 Language: English Description: For anyone who is interested in making paper or who works with it to create art or crafts, this is an unparalleled, fully illustrated resource that's indespensable. It will give you a fascinating look at the process- the origins of papermaking andhow anyone cn try it today using exciting techniques and only a few resources. Plus, there are nine projects that will get you started right away. But most of all, you'll develop a new-found appreciation of this material and the extraordinary variations in color, texture, and pattern that can be achieved.

Originally printed in Spain

160 pages

Geographic: United States

Materials: Paper

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