September 26, 2012

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection

Collection Number: 2853

Post Type: Manuscript

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Artist or Author: C.M. van Riet

Creation Year: 2012

Length: 11 inches

Width: 8.5 inches


An academic thesis n comparative literary studies from Utrecht University by C. M. van Riet, July 2012.
She writes:
" A bit about me and my research: For my MA thesis, I looked at kite stories and themes mainly in Victorian literature, but I basically started from the 1752 Franklin experiment. I traced several prominent kite themes back through time. My main conclusions are that Franklin's experiment allowed the kite to be 'mythologised,' and especially in connection with Prometheus, the kite becomes a signal or symbol for a whole range of meanings which were also ascribed to the Franklin experiment (daring, hubris, bravery, ingenuity, etc). From those connotations, I go on to look at several types of kite stories, which then add other meanings to the kite, and which cleverly adapt old connotations for new stories, thus subtly changing what the kite as a symbol stands for in these stories."

120 pages
Utrecht University
RMA Thesis

Geographic: Europe, Netherlands, United States

Kite Type: Figure, Flat

Materials: Cotton, Dowel, Paper

Significance: Art, Cultural, Historical