June 6, 2012

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection

Collection Number: 2654

Post Type: Kite Object or Accessory

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Artist or Author: Peter A. Sharp

Creation Year:

Length: 12 inches/ 6 at half way point

Height: 4 7/8 inches

Width: 2 inches


The Whirlwing is an invention of Peter A. Sharp of 2786 Bellaire Place, Oakland, California 94601. sharpencil@sbcglobal.net This kite functions as either a single-blade, vertical axis windmill, or when on it's side, as a horizontal axis 2-line kite that flies upwind!

Geographic: United States

Kite Type: Bowed

Materials: Dowel, Plastic

Significance: Commercial, Historical, Scientific, Sport


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