May 18, 2012

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Artist or Author: Narong Men

Creation Year: 2003

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ISBN: 2-9513524-0-9 Language: English Description: On behalf of the Media Business Networks, I would like to invite you to explore the second and updated edition of the "Who's Who in Cambodia Business Reference Book"; which is a publication dedicated to providing business and investment opportunites, information assistance both to international investors and the local community.

Cambodia is at the geographical center of the world's fastest growing economic region. The rapidly developing economies in Southeast Asia offer a potential market of more than 450 million customers. With a population of more than thirteen million, nearly 50% of working age, the Kingdom provides the cheapest labor workforce in the region.

Cambodia offers new investment opportunities with laws and regulations being passed, current laws being amended, new economic policies implemented and judicial institutions being transformed. While this may put off foreign investors from considering Cambodia, you will see in the "Who's Who in Cambodia Business Reference book" that many well established multi-national companies have already set up their structures offering professional and international services or products to local consumers.

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Geographic: Cambodia

Materials: Paper

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