May 18, 2012

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Artist or Author: Jane Yolen

Creation Year: 1968

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ISBN: 0-529-00392-9 Language: English Description: "A man, a string, a kite, and the vastness that is the sky. In many ways the kite flier is cousin to the fisherman, the hunter, the trapper. No matter how many enthusiasts take up the ancient sport, he will always remain a little apart. He is alone and looking upward, experiencing a quiet, personal joy.

Yet, while each kite flier remains a solitary dreamer, be is also part of a working dream. Kiting is one of those singular activities whose history is as exacting as the actual act. Bridges, airplanes, aerial cameras, wireless radio-our knowledge of these and many other devices is at least partly due to the magic of those colorful toys that have led man to explore the air and the air waves. It seems almost as though man has pulled himself up by his kitestrings.

Yes, the man who stands anchor to a kite not only stands in the long stream of history which reaches far back into folklore of the East and up beyond the launching pads at Cape Kennedy, but he is also a living link between the beauty of earth and sky. He sails with his kite on the dipping windwheels of the night. He soars on its wings into the birdsongs of the day."

143 pages

Geographic: France, India, Japan, Oceania, Peoples Republic of China, Thailand, United Kingdom

Materials: Bamboo, Dowel, Paper, Ripstop

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