November 6, 2011

Collection Name: Ed and Bonnie Wright Collection

Collection Number: 1142

Post Type: History

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Artist or Author: Bonnie Wright,Ed Wright,

Creation Year: 1996

Length: 0.00

Height: 12.00

Width: 12.00


Parafoil by Ed and Bonnie Wright (USA). Small ripstop parafoils like this one were made as "gifts" to their favorite people in the kiting world. The image was that of their logo,"the rising sun or moon." Bonnie did the cutting and sewing and Ed did the bridling. 18 cells, three rows of 10 keels, bridles 30 pt. with metal fishing swivel. Two separate tail pieces, this kite needs lots of tail to fly. Comes with a logo storage bag.
The Wrights became the best parafoil makers in the USA after George Ham and Doug Hagaman. Their large parafoils were the success of serious European fliers for decades.

Geographic: United States

Kite Type: Inflated

Materials: Ripstop

Significance: Art

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