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Summer 2008




Scott Skinner
Ali Fujino
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Scott Skinner
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Ali Fujino

Drachen Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation devoted to the increase and diffusion of knowledge about kites worldwide.



Drachen Foundation is happy to announce that there will be another in-depth, interesting, and exciting online publication on its Foundation web site. Discourse: from the end of the line will be Drachen Foundation’s successor to its Journal. Having published the Journal for almost ten years, Drachen Foundation is bringing this new format to its loyal readers so as to focus more thoroughly on single topics and to offer more quality imagery on these kite subjects. We’ll work to find new topics and will revisit some old ones.

Discourse will usually explore only one or two kite topics and will be written by kite enthusiasts, scholars, or people new to kite culture. We hope to bring fresh insights, as well as spark active discussion on a variety of topics. We will invite reaction, feedback, and constructive criticism both on our own website and through the sites of our writers. Detailed photos from writers and the Foundation archive will accompany every article and will bring these subjects to life.

We will solicit writing from the worldwide kite community but will continue to search outside of our circle to find authors, researchers, students, and travelers who have experienced unique kite moments. We ask readers to point out possible contributors or to submit their own writing. (Contact discourse@drachen.org for guidance.) As a working archive of worldwide kiting, Drachen Foundation will continue to hold this type of material and make it available for follow-on research.

Scott Skinner
Board President
Drachen Foundation



Currently working for U.S. Geological Survey in Palo Alto, California, Scott Haefner has photographed the San Andreas fault lines and uses kite aerial photography to capture the earth from a different point of view.


A graduate of Yale University in Latin American Studies and Fine Arts, Christopher Ornelas has something to say even at this early point in his life. After living in Central America for the last six months, he returned to his San Antonio, Texas hometown to set up a studio and create art.


A talented graphic and fine artist, Pierre Fabre makes his home in Paris, France. Intuitive in his ability to research kite cultures, no one else has as extensively photo- documented kites worldwide.


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