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Scott Skinner
Ali Fujino
Katie Davis


Scott Skinner
Martin Lester
Joe Hadzicki
Stuart Allen
Dave Lang
Jose Sainz
Ali Fujino


Bonnie Wright
Wayne Wilson
Keith Yoshida

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I think that readers of this, the second installment of the Drachen Foundation’s Discourse: from the end of the line, will find an exciting variety of kite-driven articles. You’ll be reminded of the great years of Drachen’s Kite Journal with the latest entries from Ben Ruhe, who will introduce you to kite historians Jan Westerink, Douwe Jan Joustra, and Ulli Draheim. The vitality of the historical kite movement in Europe is on display with these three, and also with the contribution of Dorte and Frank Schulz, who take us back to turn-of- the-century (20th, that is) Scandinavian weather researchers.

Drachen Foundation board member Dave Lang continues to monitor the worldwide kite-energy movement and introduces Michael Brooks, who gives us an idea of the state-of-the-art of kite energy ideas. Scott Skinner and Susan Robb share their artist in residence experiences from Hawaii’s Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center in Maui, with images captured by Discourse editor Katie Davis.

Finally, let me issue this challenge to Discourse readers: find and report additional information pertaining to a Discourse article and we will reward you with our exclusive Sherpa Gear. We want this to be an interactive publication, with contributions from our readers. Serious research or happenstance discovery are of equal importance if they lead us to new kite material, and we know that ours are not the only eyes looking for new material. I hope you enjoy this installment and that it leads you to new experiences in kiting.

Scott Skinner
Board President
Drachen Foundation


Simon Bond



A longtime kite enthusiast and aeronautical engineer, Chapman has long been the “expert” on all things Cody. A specialist in flight control systems, he has an intimate knowledge of the pictorial

history left to us by Cody.

The Rev Family


San Diego, California

From working on the production floor to flying kites on almost every continent, D’Antonio has become the ambassador for Revolution kites. Tireless on the field, he introduces all comers to the wonders of four-line kite flying.

Akiyoshi Odagawa


Seattle, Washington

From work at the Smithsonian to her present status as administrator for the Drachen Foundation, Fujino is an expert in archival practices. She works daily with the Foundation collection, organizing and storing its thousands of items.

Adrian Dubisnky



A Barriletes a Toda Costa (BaToCo) member, Autino is a retired professor who taught for many years at the University of Buenos Aires. She has won national and international awards for her work in education.

Mike Larson


San Diego, California

An engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur, Hadzicki is one of three brothers who started Revolution Enterprises, the first to make a completely controllable four-line kite. The Rev has been the standard for the kite industry for twenty years.

Gary Hinze


San Jose, California

One of the first contributors to the Drachen Kite Journal, Hinze continues to follow his own path in kiting. He is a serious researcher of kite performance, but can’t pass up the chance to try something new and put it to the test.

Christopher Ornelas


San Antonio, Texas

Ornelas holds a degree in Latin American Studies and Fine Arts from Yale University. After living in Central America for several months, Ornelas recently returned to his San Antonio, Texas hometown to work at the Museo Alameda and create art.

Greg Kono


Monument, Colorado

A former Air Force instructor pilot, Drachen’s board president has flown and designed kites for three decades.

Skinner’s military training created the structure for him to express himself as a visionary kite artist.

Jan Westerink


Zutphen, Holland

Westerink, a former industrial designer turned handicraft teacher, has built replicas of several dozen largely unknown kites from the first half of the last century, and refers to himself as a “student” of early historical kites.

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