Worldwide, kites can be made with a variety of materials: a simple leaf, paper and wood, silk and bamboo, plastic and fiberglass or almost any combination of the above. Miniature kites are no exception and serve to test their makers’ ingenuity and their materials’ limits. This exhibit takes you on a tour of the smaller kite – a collection of the world’s finest flying miniatures.

Images (click to open in viewer):

MiniKites1.jpg MiniKites7.jpg MiniKites6.jpg MiniKites5.jpg MiniKites4.jpg MiniKites3.jpg MiniKites2.jpg MiniKites10.jpg MiniKites9.jpg MiniKites8.jpgMiniKites10.jpg MiniKites19.jpg MiniKites18.jpg MiniKites17.jpg MiniKites16.jpg MiniKites15.jpg MiniKites14.jpg MiniKites13.jpg MiniKites12.jpg MiniKites11.jpg