The use of paper in kites is not new, but stems from a tradition from many countries of the world. The passion, appreciation and talent of Scott Skinner, Jose Sainz and Nobuhiko Yoshizumi exhibits the beauty and importance of paper in kites as a flying art. In this exhibition of kites, each artist has developed his own style and own expression, taking paper on an interesting contemporary voyage.

Scott Skinner creates kites by incorporating his appreciation and knowledge of American quilt making patterns. Piecing various paper shapes with his unique sense of color, he builds a series of smaller kites. When these kites are combined, they make a larger image or a “quilted” whole.

Jose Sainz brings to art kites, various experiments with materials—meticulous craftsmanship, combined with materials of unusual textures and forms. This is quite the radical departure from his years of award winning appliqué ripstop kite construction.

Japanese traditional kite maker Nobuhiko Yoshizumi surprises us with the combination of his knowledge of the history traditional of Japanese kite making, in contemporary application. The subtle manipulation of painted washi, whose structure is created by lamination of bamboo, gives a new “sparing” use the paper within, instead of outside.

These three artists, teach us, that art kite possibilities are limitless.

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