Cody Collection Auction June 3rd


Discourse Issue 16 Cover

Dear Drachen Community,
As you know, over the last three years, the Drachen Foundation has moved its focus away from maintaining a physical collection to creating an online digital collection in order to more easily share information with the world. During this time we have loaded over 2,500 items into the website collection database including over 800 items related to the Samuel Franklin Cody Collection. As these items have been digitized, we have begun to look for new homes for the physical items. This allows us to follow our strategy of reducing costs associated with maintaining a physical collection and focus on sustaining our online presence.

The Cody Collection has been placed with Bohnams and Butterfields Auctioneers and will be available through auction on June 3rd in New York City.

Auction details here:

Should you know of any person or institution that might have an interest, please pass along the information. It is our hope that this collection will find a wonderful and appropriate new home, thus allowing us to continue the work of digitizing and making public the story of kites.

Thank you for all you do to support kiting and Drachen’s efforts to collect, document, and share kiting information with the world.

Ali Fujino
Drachen Foundation