March 13, 2011

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Artist or Author: Barbara Kingsolver

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A wonderful historical novel by contemporary writer Barbara Kingsolver, USA. The book is called, The Lacuna, and makes two references to children kite flying in Mexico. First, page 145: "It's strange every time, returning to the Allende Street house where Senora Frida marched home from teh Melchor market that birthday long ago, a stranger, with a shy boy carrying her bags because Every Man has the Right to make a Kite from his Pants. And in the courtyard inside, the Painter sat under the trees reading his newspaper waiting to be found, all on a chance. How strange that a boy could make a kite of his pants, fly them around the world, and somehow arrive back at the house where everything began." Second, page 200: " 'In the Melchor market.' She titled her head, but without the coy smile. 'You asked if you could help me carry a bag of corn. I told you any man has the right to make a kite from his pants.'"

Geographic: Mexico, United States

Kite Type: Flat

Materials: Bamboo, Paper

Significance: Cultural