10 Best Kites

“I made the following list because every kite on the list has some impact upon me as a kite maker, kite collector, or kite writer. In some cases, I think the kites are pure artistic perfection, in others, a culmination of a life’s work in kites, and in still others, a great combination of whimsy and expression.” – Scott Skinner

Balinese Bebean kite, unknown maker, Bali, Indonesia

Black or White Tosa, Peter Malinski, Germany

Cicadas and Bees, Masaaki Sato, Japan / Friedensreich Hundertwasser collaborations, Germany

Flying Dog, Robert Trepanier, Montreal, Canada

Gerhard Hoehme kite, Art Kite Exhibit/Edo dako, T Kashima, Art Kite Exhibit

Grund Kite Replica, Werner Schmidt and Achim Kinter, Germany

Kleng Ek, unknown maker, Cambodia

The Miniature Tombi-dako, Nobuhiko Yoshizumi, Japan

Pterosaur, George Peters, Colorado, United States

Zero Wind Revolution, Joe Hadzicki and Ben D Antonio, San Diego, California