March 14, 2011

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection

Collection Number: 39

Post Type: Document

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Artist or Author: Frits Sauve

Creation Year:


In 2006, historical kite enthusiast Frits Sauve approached the Drachen Foundation with a tip about an old kite for sale in his home country of the Netherlands. Sauve urged Drachen to purchase this French bird kite in order to provide a secure home for this precious artifact, asking for a year loan of this kite for study. Taking Sauve at his offer, Drachen gave him a loan agreement and grant, asking him to make a detailed study of this kite. The following is a report of his research. Detailed and wonderfully put together, this report is an example of the kite scholarship Drachen endeavors to encourage. During this two year process, Sauve made detailed photographs of the kite, studied its material, construction and bridling, created a dimensional sketch, researched historic publications, made a trip to Paris, France, and contacted another collector owning this same piece for study and comparison. This report exemplifies the depth of research, study and documentation that will allow Drachen to fill out the historical profile of pre-flight kites. The foundation desires to encourage individuals with such interests whose research results amount to such professional quality to work with Drachen in the future. Report updated June 2010.

Geographic: France, Netherlands

Kite Type: Figure

Materials: Cotton, Dowel

Significance: Historical