July 26, 2011

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Collection Number: 80

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Artist or Author: S. P. Pantyukhin

Creation Year: 1955


This book demonstrated different kite designs, general experiments of the construction and use of kites, and also describes the work of children kite stations. This book is designed for kite enthusiasts and aircraft modeling officials. It is authored by a Russian and is in Russian.

Forward for the book:
Children of the Soviet Union fervently love our renowned aviation, enthusiastically trying to learn aviation technology, dreaming of becoming pilots or aviation manufacturers.

One can master aviation technology easiest by beginning with the simplest of aircrafts, which includes the kite. Engaged in this absorbing activity, flying kites and a variety of games that follow, the youth aircraft manufacturers learn the basics of flight and aviation.

kites are very popular among pioneers and young students. With them they take a variety of games and experiments in which they throw kites with leaflets, flowers, dolls, flying kites while walking to arrange the flight of its passengers, etc.

In order to organize kite affairs, there is great importance of having a children's kite station. Children, combined with this station buildkites with a more sophisticated design, and conduct work among the pioneers of the town and village.

Before OSOAVIAKIM (Society of defense, aviation, and chemical construction), pioneering organizations, bodies of public education, there was an interesting and rewarding task---to best develop a children' kite station, to best develop kite sport.

In our vast country, there are opportunities to create in each school, in each pioneering unit of young kitefliers, and in each pioneering club, home and Pioneer Palace, a children kite station.

Summarizing our experience with the job of children kite stations, with this book, we sought to give helpful advice and guidance to kitefliers and main organizers in the pioneering until, school, club, and Pioneer Palace.

S.P. Pantyukhin

Geographic: Russia

Kite Type: Bowed, BoxCellular, Figure, Flat

Materials: Bamboo, Dowel, Fiberglass, Nylon/Synthetic, Paper, Plastic, Ripstop

Significance: Art