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Standing Room Only

It was standing room only. Surrounded by kites from artists around the world, the crowd filled the seats of The Studio@620 in St. Petersburg, Florida to hear artist Enrique Cay speak of his art and experience with the giant kites of Guatemala. His paintings depict the experience of kiting in Guatemalan culture. With the help of an interpreter, Enrique was able to explain kiting’s connection to the Day of the Dead celebration and its reflection in his art.

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From the Back Shelf: Seeing Stars

I did an Internet search for Clawson Machine Co. – don’t ask why, you’ll see that I had my reasons – and found a number of interesting patents from the late 1800s: a coin-controlled, musical weighing machine (US381338, 1888), a coin-controlled air-pump-operating mechanism (US619279, 1899), and the one that has appeared to keep the company in business, the “machine for shaving ice” (US387861, 1888). Established in 1883, Clawson Machine Co.

From the Back Shelf: Seeing Stars2018-08-23T01:50:36+00:00
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