Other Kite Plans & Materials

The source for “all things fighter”, this is the site for fighter kite builders and flyers. Proven designs, suggested materials, and a forum for up-to-the-minute information make this the go-to site for contemporary fighter kites.

A great place for kite plans for the serious enthusiast and builder. This site is a good source for fabric and spars for contemporary kite builder and is operated by builders who have solved your problems before you have them.

Kite Making Plans
Historical plans from Leslie Hunt and Dan Beard (25 Kites That Fly and the Outdoor Handy Book) are presented. The inquiry.net site is intended for scoutmasters, with a wealth of information on outdoor activities and even some reviews of worm drive saws. This kite material is dated, but is quite interesting if you have never seen these early publications.

Kitemonger’s Kite Plans
This site includes some basic sewing projects for the beginning builder including flowform and delta-Conyne kites, tube tails, and spinsocks.

This site boasts over 1500 kite plans, including many sophisticated designs for the serious builder. With contributions by kite makers from around the world and from previously published articles, the site directs you to the original plans and makers or to mirrored versions on the site.

Miniature Kite Making Plans
Good mini-kite plans from the USA and Europe and good suggestions for materials, glue, and line. Includes useful ideas for students with supervision, but could be difficult without.


Other Sources for Kite Making Materials

If is difficult to give one source for kite making materials, as the type of kite will determine what you will need to source. Here are some suggestions:

Goodwinds Kites
Materials for contemporary sewn kites.

Materials for contemporary sewn kites.

Hiromi Paper International
A vast collection of papers for paper and bamboo kites.

Into the Wind
Materials for contemporary sewn kites.

McClains Printmaking
Materials for paper making and Japanese woodblock printing on kite sails.