By Lee Toy
Vol. 3 No.1 -Jan. – Feb. 1980

The San Francisco Bay Area Kite Flying, New.

OE! -flyer progress

What publication used to be two pages in length and without photographs? Answer: The KITE FLYER NEWS. We have slicked it up, expanded in pages, and discovered the technological ad¬vances of reproducing photographs. Faithful subscribers beware, twenty-five years from now we could be on the news-stands at $3.00 an issue withal and a glossy kite centerfold.

After digging through our archives, what should surface but–Vol. 1 and No. 1 of the KITE FLYER NEWSLETTER. I imagine you never even noticed before the different name. See how subtle we are in our changes. So without further introduction, in-serted in this issue is the notorious Number One.

Tom Henry proudly stands by his 42 square ft. Delta. They are available for sale (and Tom does stand by) write to Tom via KITE FLYER. He will be your friend for life.

Traveling tips from Sam Urner

Helpful Hints for a Successful Japan Kite Tour–by Sam Urner

  • –Have business cards printed in Japanese & English. Include titles, Dr., Prof., D.D.S., A.I.A, S.O.B., etc; memberships, Moose, Rotary, AKA, etc. 100 cards are not too many.
  • – -Film is cheaper here. Consider buying all needs here and take it with you. Kodak & Fuji film is a-vailable is available everywhere in Japan.
  • –Cameras & lenses are (were) same price or cheaper in U.S.A. However accessories and gadgets are much cheaper in Japan.
  • – -Do not let “exotic” Japanese food .put you off. There is such a wide variety of foods available you will find much to like. Western style is available, even McDonalds and Col. Sanders. Prices are reasonable in smaller, modest “neighborhood” type restaurants where locals eat.
  • – -Nakawajima Dune, site of Hamamatsu Festival, is a sand beach. Be pre¬pared for a very dusty day. This is the kitewar you may have seen on T.V., don’t miss it
  • –The weather for the ’79 tour was cool, light rain one day, very humid every day, clear skies, mild winds.




Mr Lee

By way of standard reference–KITE FLYER NEWS is available six times a year (weather permitting) at the minimal cost of a trip to Doggie Diner–$5.00 a shot. Send all money, trading stamps or gold bars to 861 Clara Drive, Palo Alto, CA 94303.