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Help create the world’s largest online collection of kites and kite related material. This tool allows you to upload items from your own collection – as well as photos, documents, video links, and more – to share with the world.

Please do a search before entering your item to avoid duplication. For photos, you must rotate them as you wish them to appear before uploading. If you would like to share a link to a video, we recommend that you post it on YouTube. See additional instructions beneath each field below.

Notice that some fields in the upload tool have an asterisk and must be filled in. The most important block to fill in is description. There is your chance to say everything you know about the item — this block will take as much information as you want to write. Upload one or more photos.

Please use the “Vocabularies” area at the bottom of the page to select terms related to your item. For example, for a kite from Guatemala, you would select the term “Guatemala” from the Geographic section. For a photo of art kites, you would select the term “Art” from the Significance section. You may select multiple terms for each item. See more explanation about vocabulary terms beneath each of the vocabulary sections (Geographic, Kite Type, Materials, Significance).

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