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Spitfire Two-Line Airplane Kite

This Spitfire is one of six kites that I made in 2012. It is based on a Guillows model kit, but I replaced the balsa spars with bamboo, and I strengthened many parts of the air frame using balsa wood. It is covered in Japanese washi paper in multiple layers and sealed with nitrate dope. It has no paint. I fly it on two very fine Spectra fishing lines that are 100 feet long. I hold a wooden dowel handle that is about a foot wide and fly it one-handed. It flies in the 50-70 mph range in a 15 to 20 mph wind. It pulls very hard so that I have to lean back in gusts, but it is very light, quick turning and fun to fly! Below I include articles on a family project that l led to building this and other similar kites, and a shorter article in which I attempt to explain how they fly.

Spitfire Two-Line Airplane Kite2022-11-28T22:00:38+00:00

Pat Hammond Photo: Kite Flying

When Christopher Ornelas researched and wrote his book on Pat Hammond, he took candid photos of her of her with her kite collection, and her flying various favorite kites on her San Antonio, Texas property.

Pat Hammond Photo: Kite Flying2020-10-29T03:48:47+00:00

Pat Hammond: Photo with collection

A candid photo (2017) of kite artist Pat Hammond working with her personal collection of kites at her San Antonio, Texas home.

Pat Hammond: Photo with collection2020-10-29T03:38:23+00:00

Pat Hammond Kite: Rosenberg Library Kite for an Exhibition

Pat's white paper sail flat kite, line drawing of the library with hand written notation at the bottom of the kite indicating her kite exhibition. Photo by Christopher Ornelas, measurements were not taken.

Pat Hammond Kite: Rosenberg Library Kite for an Exhibition2020-10-29T03:13:14+00:00

Tens: Flying a Kite made of US $10 dollar bills

A Texas artist who loved to make kites from a pun, or play on word(s). This one is a US $10 bill. $10 bills border the surface of the sail of the kite.

Tens: Flying a Kite made of US $10 dollar bills2020-10-29T01:14:55+00:00

1992 JKA Japan Kite Tour

It was an annual honor to be invited to a Japan Kite Association meeting tour of Japan. Part of the tour was to be the guest of Ms. T. Sato in Aomori, Japan to learn about the large festival kitemaking done in the region. This is the year that Charlie Sotich was invited to do a kitemaking exchange of his style of miniature kites. Kitemaker Elmer Wharton, Chicago, Illinois (deceased) at his best humor in Aomori, Japan

1992 JKA Japan Kite Tour2019-09-22T19:21:44+00:00
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