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  1. Scott Skinner 1988
    25 Years of the Drachen Foundation

    Author: Scott, May 10, 2018

    Scott Skinner holds a bamboo kite frame in China, 1988 25 Years of the Drachen Foundation By Scott Skinner

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  2. Bird Kite Archive Contest

    Author: Katie, June 12, 2017

    Our second kite archive contest invited people from around the world to upload a bird kite they made or collected to our online archive by June 1st. Our bird kite contest honored the late Tyrus Wong, legendary artist and kite maker, and his beautiful bird kites. Thanks to all who …

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  3. First Archive Contest

    Author: Katie, April 4, 2017

    In February, we held our first Drachen kite archive contest, inviting people from around the world to upload a kite they made or collected to our online archive. We are thrilled to share their entries below! Thanks to all who entered. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to hear …

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  4. Air_traffic_at_Steep_Mountain.JPG
    Save Steep Mountain

    Author: Henk2 Jordaan, June 14, 2013

    An interesting environmental battle is being fought in Utah and kites have become one of the many voices raised to save Steep Mountain.  Steep Mountain, South Mountain, or Point of the Mountain is an iconic landform south of Salt Lake City that, for years has been a popular destination for …

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  5. Lois-Card.JPG
    A Tribute to Lois Card

    Author: Henk2 Jordaan, June 10, 2013

    We lost Lois early in May; she was 98 years young! As an avid kiter, she supported the creation of the Junction Retreat, making our quality of life complete. "I’m the luckiest person alive…" Before the "Women’s Movement," before "feminism," even before World War II, Lois Card was an independent, …

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  6. Jose-with-kite.JPG
    Celebrating 20 Years of Flight at Drachen Day at the AKA Convention

    Author: Henk2 Jordaan, May 14, 2013

      Seattle’s Drachen Foundation will host a “day on the field” at this year’s American Kitefliers Association Convention in Seaside, Oregon.  The original brainchild of Drachen Board member, Jose Sainz, it will be a day to fly your most special kites, engage in spontaneous contests, earn special prizes, and promote …

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  7. Yoshizumi-san.JPG
    Empty Skies: Farewell to Beloved Kite Maker Nobuhiko Yoshizumi

    Author: Henk2 Jordaan, January 24, 2013

     Originally published on Kitelife.com I traveled to Japan for the first time in 1989 and had been introduced that year to the magnificent Kunstdrachen catalog by another respected kite artist, Peter Malinski. As I scanned the pages of the catalog, Yoshizumi’s name jumped from the pages and I had to …

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  8. ali-headshot.JPG
    A NEW Transition for DF Executive Director, Ali Fujino

    Author: Henk2 Jordaan, January 19, 2013

    For almost 20 years, the Drachen Foundation has grown and thrived thanks to our dedicated board of directors, staff and the kiting community.  The Drachen Foundation has supported an investment in people and technology to capture all aspects of kiting and to now bring it online to share with the …

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  9. drachen-20-logo.JPG
    Celebrating 20 Years of Flying!

    Author: Henk2 Jordaan, January 12, 2013

      For almost twenty years the Drachen Foundation has worked to produce innovative, interesting, and broad-reaching projects for the kiteflying public and general public alike. In those years we have grown from a noted kite-material archive to a producer of exhibits, workshops, publications, and online information. We have amassed a …

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  10. cliff-quinn-with-kite.jpg
    Cliff Quinn, Champion!

    Author: Henk2 Jordaan, November 26, 2012

    Cliff Quinn came to kiteflying in the early 1990’s as an adult approaching retirement.  He had spent his adulthood in a variety of “manly pursuits”: welding, woodworking, electronics and just about anything else that you might have found in the pages of Popular Mechanics.  He had a fully furnished workshop …

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